The Probiotic To Support Heart Health

ProBiotix Health was established by OptiBiotix Health Plc to develop probiotics to tackle cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle conditions which are affecting growing numbers of people across the world.

Since its creation, ProBiotix has become a global leader in microbiome modulating probiotics for use in functional foods, supplements and biotherapeutics.

Independent clinical studies¹ have shown that ProBiotix’s principal product, LPLDL®, can reduce key cardiovascular risk biomarkers, such as total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and blood pressure, by 36.7 per cent, 13.9 per cent and 5.1 per cent respectively. Since launching its CholBiome® products containing LPLDL® in May 2017, ProBiotix has signed over 41 agreements and its products are now commercialised in 60 countries.

LPLDL® was designated Generally Recognized As Safe ("GRAS") by an independent Expert GRAS Panel in the United States in February 2019, which extends its applications from use as a supplement to use as a functional ingredient in a wide range of food, dairy, and beverage products in the USA.