Group Strategy

The Group’s strategy is to develop next-generation microbiome solutions for a wide range of health conditions and to deliver commercially successful products supported by a strong scientific evidence base.

The strategic aim is to partner with health and wellbeing and/or pharmaceutical companies which are active in the probiotics sector.

The Group will continue to extend its product range into new application areas, such as dairy and functional foods, and new areas of health, including stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and allergies, and new territories. The Group’s overriding strategy is to secure multiple deals with multiple partners – manufacturer, formulators and distributors – allowing the Group to control the complete value chain for the products it develops.

The Directors believe that investor and consumer interest in probiotics and the human microbiome is growing, presenting a significant market opportunity. The Group intends to capitalise on this opportunity by continuing to develop products with a strong scientific and clinical evidence base which demonstrate clear product differentiation and the potential for high commercial interest.

In this way, the Directors intend to continue to develop the Group’s business in an area of science which they believe has the potential to [revolutionise] the future of healthcare.