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Launch of cholesterol reducing yoghurt

31 May 2022

A new probiotic yoghurt Yo-Life® with LPLDL® for cholesterol reduction launched in Uruguay

ProBiotix Health Plc (AQSE: PBX), a life sciences company developing clinically proven probiotic solutions to tackle chronic lifestyle diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and atherslorosis, announces that its partner, Granja Pocha has launched a probiotic functional yoghurt brand, Yo-Life®, containing ProBiotix’s patented cholesterol reducing Lactobacillus plantarum strain (LPLDL®), in Uruguay after a two and a half year development process.

LPLDL® was identified for its ability to reduce cholesterol, survive in the gut and for its long shelf life, by screening over 4,000 probiotic species in a pharma-based systematic approach. LPLDL® has six publications on its mechanisms of action and three peer reviewed publications demonstrating reductions in Total Cholesterol of up to 34.6%, LDL-Cholesterol by 28.4%, and apoB (biomarker of atheroschlerosis) by 28.6%, and is protected by an extensive patent portfolio. LPLDL® was recognised as Generally Recognized As Safe (“GRAS”) by an independent Expert GRAS Panel in the United States.  GRAS is a United States Food and Drug Administratio (FDA) designation that any substance added to food is considered safe by experts.

Granja Pocha is one of Uruguay’s largest and most respected dairy producers, specialising in the sale of products such as milk, cheeses and yogurts under its Colonial brand. The work carried out by Granja Pocha is a significant milestone, as it extends the use of LPLDL® into functional dairy foods with a health claim which may be replicated in other territories and other functional foods on a global scale. 

Yo-Life®, is a science-backed innovation brand that has been developed to help reduce cardiovascular disease risk, one of the leading causes of death in South America, by lowering harmful cholesterol and blood pressure.

The launch follows over two and a half years of product development with Granja Pocha and manufacturing partners CSL/Sacco to ensure the addition of LPLDL® to yoghurt does not change its taste, texture, or shelf life.  LPLDL® is active in milligram amounts which provides a cost advantage over stanols or sterols which typically require doses of  2gms.

The global probiotics market is forecast to reach $94.48 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 7.9%,  dominated by the use of probiotics in food and beverages, particularly dairy, and and using clinically proven probiotics as a natural replacement for pharmaceutical solutions (Fortune Business insights, 2022).  

Mikkel Hvid-Hansen, Commercial Director of ProBiotix Health Plc said: “This is significant Company milestone and to our knowledge, the first time a cholesterol reducing probiotic has been launched in a commercial yoghurt with a pack claim stating: “helps reduce cholesterol”. The dairy industry is a highly commoditised industry and looking for innovation and functional ingredients to differientiate from competition and to maintain it’s current growth trajectory. The launch of Yo-Life® containing LPLDL®  will facilitate the entry to a market where volumes and sales are significantly higher than the dietary supplement industry. ProBiotix is currently working with a number of major food and beverage partners who value innovation, to extend LPLDL® into new product ranges and territories and help people around the world reduce their cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.”


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About ProBiotix - www.probiotixhealth-ir.com

ProBiotix Health was established by OptiBiotix Health Plc to develop probiotics to tackle cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle conditions which are affecting growing numbers of people across the world. Since its creation, ProBiotix has become a global leader in microbiome modulating probiotics for use in functional foods, supplements and biotherapeutics.

Independent clinical studies have shown that ProBiotix’s principal product, LPLDL®, which is protected by an extensive patent portfolio, can reduce key cardiovascular risk biomarkers: Total Cholesterol of up to 34.6%, LDL-Cholesterol by 28.4%, and apoB (biomarker of atheroschlerosis) by 28.6%. Since launching its CholBiome® products containing LPLDL® in May 2017, ProBiotix has signed over 41 agreements and its products are now commercialised in 60 countries.

LPLDL® was designated Generally Recognized As Safe ("GRAS") by an independent Expert GRAS Panel in the United States in February 2019, which extends its applications from use as a supplement to use as a functional ingredient in a wide range of food, dairy, and beverage products in the USA.